Instructions for beginners: Step by step to an OnlyFans account – with these 5 steps you will become an OnlyFans creator #beginner #hacks

In 2021, US model and TV superstar Blac Chyna will be the top earner on OnlyFans. With almost 20 million US dollars per month (!), Blac, Robert Kardashian’s ex, leaves the runner-up Bella Thorne (11 million dollars per month) far behind. But it’s not only already well-known celebrities who use this platform to make big money. OnlyFans models like Sam Slayres first gained their fame via the platform and thus also a bulging bank account. It’s success stories like these that brought the content-sharing platform OnlyFans to the attention of everyone worldwide and into the minds of many people. Because the numbers of creators speak for themselves and create an incentive to perhaps throw yourself into the world of OnlyFans, where almost anything is possible. Have you become curious and would like to become a Creator on OnlyFans yourself? We will guide you step by step to your own OnlyFans account and tell you important tips on how to make your account as profitable as possible.

What exactly is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is an online service where paid content can be published. This is mainly erotic and pornographic content, but the platform is also suitable for other areas of interest. Communication is possible similar to other social media platforms such as Instagram or TikTok via the comment function under the content or via direct message. As an OF model, however, unlike on IG, you don’t collect followers, but fans. 

How do I earn money with OnlyFans?

There are several ways to earn money with your fans. On the one hand, through the income from a subscription, which your fans can take out for different periods of time. Furthermore, individual and exclusive content can be purchased within the private chat conversations with fans for a separate price (pay-per-view). In addition, particularly satisfied fans can give tips. 20 % of your earnings go to the OnlyFans site itself, 80 % to you. The OF account itself is free of charge. How much you can earn with Only Fans is up to you. Through a lot of commitment and by building up relationships with your fans, you can extremely increase your profit in the chats and via DM with the pay-per-view principle. From 4.99 dollars to five or six figures, everything is possible with OnlyFans. Does that sound interesting to you? – With these steps, you’ll have your own OF account in no time. 

Step 1: Planning – anonymity, target group and content on OnlyFans

Before you open your OF account, you should have a rough plan of where you want to go. For example, do you want to remain anonymous? Decide what kind of content you want to create and be specific.

  • Target group/specification: How much skin or face do you want to show, or do you want to address a specific target group, e.g. BDSM?
  • Time management: Also think about how much time you want to invest in your account and how you can use this time optimally.
  • OF agency: Are you not so good at planning and do you want to earn money with OnlyFans even during your offline time? Do you want to work out a strategy with trained experts to maximise your profits? Do you want to be looked after by a team that has great expertise in protecting your identity and person so that you feel comfortable and taken care of in this new situation? Then you should definitely consider working with an OF management agency, like Evoleit Agency.

Step 2: Registration – How to register with OnlyFans

You can register here. In the 48 hours you may have to wait for your verification, you can create your first content. You should set aside at least one day a week just for content creation. Think about your planning and work in a targeted and thoughtful way. Be sure to follow your gut feeling about what content you feel comfortable with and what you don’t feel comfortable with. Work in two steps when creating content:

  • On, you can easily register using your email address, your Twitter account or your Google account. This registration process can be done completely anonymously if you wish.
  • Once registered, you will need to create your new account. To do this, you can choose a user name, change your profile description and upload your first profile picture, for example.
  • To make your account ready for your fans to subscribe, it is essential that you enter your correct bank and personal details, otherwise your account will not be activated. Activation can take up to 48 hours.
  • Familiarise yourself with your profile and the various functions before you start playing the OnlyFans Game.

Step 3: Create Content – How to create good content for OnlfyFans

In the 48 hours you may have to wait for your verification, you can create your first content. You should set aside at least one day a week just for content creation. Think about your planning and work in a targeted and thoughtful way. Be sure to follow your gut feeling about what content you feel comfortable with and what you don’t feel comfortable with. Work on content creation in two steps:

Feed content on OnlyFans

The feed content that appears on your profile and is visible to everyone who subscribes as a fan should be stimulating but not too revealing. After all, big money is made in the DMs. With mysterious captions, good humour and photos that make you want more, you can lure your fans into the DMs and make real profit with the pay-per-view principle. So consider making photos/videos specifically for the feed.

DM/Pay-per-View Content on OnlyFans

In the DMs you can really let off steam. Here you can adjust the content depending on the fan and charge separate prices. It is wise to adjust to different fans, e.g. prepare pictures in different outfits or locations or positions for certain preferences. Most of the time, fans ask specifically for what they are looking for in private messages. Of course, you can be absolutely spontaneous here, just like with classic sexting. However, it is worth having a handful of content up your sleeve.

Step 3: Upload content – this is the best way to build your OnlyFans

Fill up your feed and upload up to 3 images a day to start with. This way you can offer something to the fans who subscribe to your profile for a price you set, so that they stay with you. Have you created content but don’t feel like uploading photos and coming up with captions every day? This task will be entirely taken over by your management if you work with an agency like Evoleit Agency.

Start the conversation with your fans, entertain them and build bonds with them. And do this as much as possible. Chatting/sexting can also be completely handled by your agency to make writing as profitable and practical as possible. This way, even while you are offline, doing your regular job or enjoying your free time, you can earn money with the help of an account manager.

Step 4 – How to gain followers and a following on OnlyFans

To attract as many people as possible to your profile and generate fans, it pays to use as many online platforms as possible for your purposes and fill them with content. Shoot videos for TikTok or write your OF @ name in the bio of your Instagram account. It is important to remember that pornographic content is not allowed on most social media platforms. So, content that is too revealing will be deleted or your creator account will be banned. All platforms work with certain algorithms that cannot be completely understood, but can be partially deciphered.

Evoleit Agency not only works out an individual strategy for you, but also reveals the secrets of the social media algorithms. In addition, every month your account manager will prepare a TikTok list with the current and latest TikTok trends, which you can easily reproduce and publish.

With the right hacks, your account will not only grow in fans, but also in content value. The price of your content will increase and before you know it, OF will replace your nine-to-five job. For the best strategies and hacks for maximum success on OnlyFans, contact Evoleit Agency today.